Here's the Deal

We offer two subscription tiers.

A free tier.

A paid tier with money-back guarantee.

The free tier includes expected outcomes for every MLB game. It looks like this:

The paid Tier is called the 110 Club. An explanation is below:

The 110 Club: $100 + $10

Step 1) Subscribe for $10

Step 2) Use your $100 bankroll to profit at least $10 in bets

Step 3) Repeat

Each month will start with a $100 example bankroll that will be used to track the picks. The results of the picks will be applied to the $100 example bankroll until the end of the month. If at the end of the month the total bankroll is less than $110, you will get a refund for that month.*

Example 110 Club Picks Performances

April 7 to April 30: 34-17, $100 bankroll -> $175.87

May 1 to May 25: 30-22, $100 bankroll -> $119.91

Spreadsheets available here:


Q: How are these picks different from your daily sheet?

A: These picks are based on a combination of the daily sheet, the model's historical performance, and some profit/loss selection criteria to maximize profits.

Q: Where are you getting your odds from? What if I can't find those lines in my book?

A: The odds are from either BetOnline, Bovada or 888Sport. Most are from BetOnline. Dinger Stats is not affiliated with any sports book and recommends that you shop around for the best line.

Q: What do you mean by "minimum line?" What if I can't find the recommended pick with the line you post?

A: Minimum line is the lowest value you should take on a pick. For example if a pick is for -140 and you can find it at -135 you should take the line at -135, it is a better line. If the pick is for -140 and you can only find it at -150 you should not take it. This is unlikely but it may happen because lines change throughout the day. For this reason it is recommended that you get the picks via email and place your bets as soon as the picks are released.

Q: How do you come up with the recommended bet amounts?

A: The recommended bet amounts are calculated using a modified version of the Kelly Criterion, which is a formula that determines the theoretical optimum size for a bet.

Q: How does the refund work?

A: Details are below, but the short version is that we will track a theoretical $100 bankroll's profit and loss using the recommended picks. If at the end of the month it has made less than $10 you get your money back.*

Q: Can I get a discount/free trial?

A: There is no free trial. Military and First Responders get 50% off. Write to for a discount code.

Q: Why don't you just keep these picks to yourself and make money betting?

A: Two reasons: 1) sports books limit those who consistently win, and 2) gambling is growing in the U.S.A. and our mission is to equip new and veteran gamblers with tools they can use to win betting the MLB.


Place bets at your own risk. Dinger Stats assumes no responsibility for losses. The 110 Club recommended picks are not financial advice and you assume all risks associated with gambling. Abide by your local laws. If you think you have a gambling problem call 1-800-GAMBLER or visit

Refund Details*

*Picks are tracked by Dinger Stats and each will be posted with a "minimum" line. Subscribers should take the minimum line or better to follow along with the $100 + $10 model. Refunds will be issued based on the performance of the $100 + $10 model betting minimum lines, not on any individual bettor's performance. Lines used in the model are not "sharp" sports book lines and should be easy to find. Dinger Stats is not affiliated with any sports book and will not make recommendations as to where to place bets.

*To be eligible for the refund you must subscribe before the first day of the month. If you subscribe on or after the first day of the month you are not eligible for the $10 refund until the following month.

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Dinger Stats free subscription includes daily predictions on the outcome of every MLB game. The paid subscription includes the highest-value bets that could be made on MLB game outcomes, and includes a refund guarantee if the predictions do not perform.


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